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Petição Plato - People's Voice

Para: All eRepublikans

Hello everyone,

I'm writing this article in english because I'd like to everyone in the eWorld to read it and sign it, if they agree, so it can reach Plato (a.k.a. Erepublik Staff).

eRepublik is now one of the most world wide web browser games played. Definitly, we may have around 200.000 players among the entire world. Plato created this beautiful and social game a few years ago, dividing the game itself with 3 modules: Military, Economics and Politics. These were the 3 main matters about eRepublik. For newcomers, yes, it was possible to do politics! Yes, there once was a decent market and the same with the finantial market!

Now, in 2012, the game is boring; There's only 1 thing that actually matters to the game: Having lots of strenght to earn medals, to be better and feared by the opponents. There is no way to do politics, since there is only a few things that players can talk about: War, Alliances, Damage Coordenation and all that stuff you guys know. There is no more that crazy beauty available in V1 and V2. Even if you hadn't 90% of the world wide players, you were able to be one of the best countries, in all the ways you imagine! Now, in the present, there isn't any ideals to apply, there is nothing to hold on to. You just have one way to do things in the MIlitary World - If you're a small country, you're f***** and you hope that your alliance have an opportunity to help you. If you have lots of players, then the world is yours!

I'm appealing to everyone who doesn't feel happy with the game right now. Forget EDEN, CTRL, ex-ONE and all of that. Forget all the rivalries and just be honest: Are you tired of the game? Then, if you are, sign this petition (for free, no surveys or any other crap).

Plato: If you change and give us other models, improved ones, you'll definitly will not loose money. We understand that you fellows have to keep the site running, improve small details, here and there, but don't forget one thing: You decide to give us our economic model again, for instance; Players WILL NOT stop buying gold because they need it anyway! Changing this tiny aspects will just improve equity between countries. If Portugal sucks because we only have 1000 players, then we can have more gold, more arms and damage to give in wars!
Another thing, Plato, eRepublik, right now, seems exactly like OGame, Travian, Space games and all those that you can create your empire and attack here and there. Also don't forget that there are 2 more simulators based on real life and there is no need for real money. People are running away from eRepublik. I'm not threatening you guys, I just wanted to you guys ear the people's voice.

Qual a sua opinião?

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