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Petition against the project of allotment 7/2020 in Meia Praia, Lagos

Para: Presidente da Câmara Municipal de Lagos


The Association Miradouro da Luz intervenes in this public discussion with the following arguments:

1- Nullity of the urban operation due to violation of the Municipal Master Plan of Lagos PDM:

The land object of the operation is located in Meia Praia, where the maximum number of 2 floors and a maximum height of the facade of 6.5 meters are allowed for the building. The project presents in point 5.7. da Descriptive Memory "tourist developments (hotels and aparthotels of 4 and 5 stars and tourist apartments) with a maximum of 4 floors (for hotels and aparthotels) and 3 floors (in the case of tourist apartments)". The building will have a maximum height of 11.5 meters and a height of 14.5 meters. Evidently it will cause an uneven density in the urban network and an evident tourist domain in a residential area. The classification of land use that appears in the PDM for the area of these lands is residential and is nowhere considered a tourist area. The use and the land is part of the planning plan, an integral part of the PDM is defined as Level I residential spaces, with urban parameters significantly inferior to those of the descriptive memory of the intended project.
Do not invoke the PUMP and the UOPG Detailed Plan 3, as the law imposes the adaptation and compatibility of the inferior plans to the hierarchically superior plans, under penalty of those being addicted by illegality, respecting the principle of the application of time.
The PDM also defines the objectives of the UOPG as applying the urban parameters related to the categories of space provided for in the PDM itself.

2- Protection of the landscape and the panorama is a citizen's right, as well as the aesthetic framework in the surrounding areas. Urban planning operations must guarantee a correct urban and landscape insertion, namely with regard to the modeling of the land, the configuration of the urban solution, implementation and volumetric configuration of the buildings.

But the Meia Praia PUMP Urbanization Plan also classifies the land in question as Existing Housing Zones. The Detailed Plan of UOPG 3, changed already after the beginning of the licensing application in question, started to classify the area as a space for special use - tourism and, consequently, different urban parameters for the area were applied, prioritizing the tourist domain in a residential area. and demonstrating a deep individualism in decision making and in guaranteeing an urban fabric with a social framework.

It is still not understood why the Municipal Master Plan of Lagos PDM, with more restrictive limits in terms of heights, namely the number of floors, is ignored for the decision making of approval of the UOPG 3 Detailed Plan and, consequently, of the subdivision. in cause.

In conclusion, the arguments contained in the analysis of the Allotment Project presented are legitimate for there to be a reform of the Detailed Plan and the allotment project in order to guarantee and “defend nature and the environment, preserve natural resources and ensure a correct spatial planning. "Article 9 (e) of the CRP.

Contribution to public discussion No. 418/2021, referring to the subdivision project to be carried out in Meia Praia, Lagos.

To his Excellency the Mayor of Lagos

The undersigned citizens and residents, will request Your Excellency, under the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic article 52, the right to petition and the right to popular action, to request a revision to the UOPG 3 detailed plan and the consequent subdivision project, based on the analysis presented in this document.
  1. Actualização #3 Encerramento

    Criado em quinta-feira, 15 de Abril de 2021

    Deadline for the petition was April 15th 2021

  2. Actualização #2 Petition Closed!!!

    Criado em quinta-feira, 15 de Abril de 2021

    Petition is closed!

  3. Actualização #1 Deadline to sign is April 15th!

    Criado em quinta-feira, 8 de Abril de 2021

    Deadline to sign the petition is April 15th!

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