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FOX Dial/Remote Issues

Para: FOX

It has been well Known to FOX the issues since 2016/2017 with Fox FIT4 forks and their remotes(the blue dial) The dials dont work well in changing their position (OPEN/TRAIL/LOCKED) and even the manual ones have problems.(some times they dont' Lock correctly or don't return to previous positions)
It's a flawed mechanism from the start,and the brand knows it.

When in the waranty service they clean and lube the components or add a bearing to it, but that only works for some short period of time and goes back to have the same problems again!
When the waranty ends, the client is stuck with a flawed fork and no definitive solution! having to spend money to solve a issue that as no definitive solution!

The brand keeps seeling forks with this flaw,the services know it has no solution and the final clients get stuck with a defective product.

I ask FOX clients with this issue to join together in making the brand to acknowledge the problem and give a final solution to it,or at least to give some kind of refound or a call back to the defective products.
Together we are stronger,and make a difference.

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