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Rick Steves' mistake with portuguese Tour Guides

Para: Rick Steves

We here ask Mr. Rick Steves to correct his heavy mistake about tipping in Portugal. This information was spread in his book "Portugal" and on his website on "Tipping in Europe" category. On both he states that tips are not expected from us. The author should have had a better understanding of our culture before sharing this wrong information that had a huge impact on our income.
Here follows how it really works: when a client is satisfied with the service a tip IS expected. We don't have any rules on how much should be offered. So, in fact there is not a law for this, but there is the tradition of a gesture. It is felt from us as a gift. We dont get offended if there is no tip, but we will assume that we did something wrong. Our salaries are fixed accordingly to that extra income that supposedly we would get.
We will make the best out of anyone's tour because we are naturally kind, generous and impecable professionals, but we miss our tips!
So we ask Mr. Rick Steves to please explain to his readers how does this REALLY works!

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